Bible Study

Bible studies
We believe that every born again son and daughter of the God must know, understand, and appreciate the Kingdom of God and The righteousness of God in order to live a successful life here on earth.  We think that it is of the uttermost importance that the foundation of the kingdom and the righteousness of God be established in every believer’s heart to allow him/ her to grow in the things of God.
Youthbible studiesWe believe beyond any shadow of doubt that the principle reason for Jesus Christ to come to this world, was to bring back the kingdom and the righteousness of God that man (Adam and Eve) have lost in the garden of Eden.
That is why here at Espérance de la Gloire we insist that every member of the church attend our Bible studies which take place every Sunday from 2.00 pm to 5.15 pm. in the upper room of the church. That is where the foundation for christian life are laid. We understand that just like every kingdom, the kingdom of God has a king, there is the constitution; the laws of the land; the cultures of the kingdom,  the duties of kingdom citizens; the rights of citizens, immigration laws, the common wealth of the kingdom. etc.
GroupprayingWe also try to understand what the righteousness of God means?. Why is it important in our welfare in the kingdom? what are the benefits of having the righteousness of God? How do one access this righteousness etc..
These sessions are free of charge, dynamic, interactive, and existing, full of life changing revelations. Everyone is welcomed. and bibles are provided.