Famille Espérance de la Gloire is a distinctive and recognised ministry within the Espérance de la Gloire International Church, and FEG workers play a vital role in the Organisation’s community involvement. All our Church workers have responded to a divine calling. They are professionally and theologically trained and then commissioned to help the Church to live out its calling.
They use the principles of community development to respond to and challenge the issues facing their particular neighbourhoods and communities. FEG staff work alongside a wide range of individuals, groups and organisations. They are tasked with developing initiatives and projects to transform individuals, churches and communities.
There are currently 4 FEG ministers working within the social arm of Hope of Glory Church. Amongst them, they enable our church to widen its mission by:
  • Identifying local needs and opportunities
  • Confronting injustice
  • Organising community action
  • Developing and supporting initiatives that improve the lives and wellbeing of local people.
  • And theologically reflecting upon that action
FEG ministry brings many new challenges to the wider community and other church related community organisations. Engaging with the local neighbourhood opens up the possibility of seeing and hearing God for those outside the Church, while allowing such Good News to transform and enrich our own Church and community.
Please feel free to contact us if you need further information on our daily and weekly activities. We will also advise you on how to get yourself involved and become an FEG minister.
write to us at or call 07424284644.