Saved by his love.

I’m not the kind of person who likes to stand up in front of the congregation to give my testimonies, but I thank God that at least we have the church website where I can write my testimonies, because I realise now how important it is for us believers to testify of God goodness in our lives in order to give him the Glory that he rightly deserves. I have come to realise that the more glory we give back to God, the more he blesses us with his divine intervention when we need him the most. I’m persuaded the no man can beat God in this game of “give and receive“.
giverecieveWhen you receive something from God, or God does something for you, you must give him or do something back in return. This way you ensure that God does something bigger and better for you, And once you receive the bigger or the better thing, try to do or give bigger and better to God and see how He will blow your mind with miracles and your life will never be the same again. This is what I would like to call the game of “Give and receive with God“. Try it for yourself and see if you can out-give God. I’m sure he will always be the winner. But the sad thing about this game is that once you stop giving, or doing things for God, you stop the game,  God is there waiting for you to play your card, before he can can play his card. The sadder thing is that you will never know what card God has in store for you, until you release yours on the table. I hope someone will be blessed by this testimony.
Without a vehicle it is very difficult, in fact very complicated for me to get to work, as I work in a remote area in Essex South east of England, where there is no public transport nearby. The closest train station is 40 minutes walking distance to my work place. And from my house to that train station, it will take me approximately two hours, changing trains three time in the process. So I drive to work, doing almost 50 miles both directions to get to work and back home five days a week.
I’m an information system analyst  and designer by profession. I can design an information system  for enterprises, by drawings models, analyzing all possible scenarios for  the system, analyzing the potential users, ensuring that all functional requirements are met, connecting multiples databases, build a data warehouse for data analysis and business Intelligence purpose etc… But I have never built a website in my life before. Lately I felt in my heart that the church needed a website and an automated information system which are necessary to accompany the church in its expansion program. So I decided that I will design a website, and build it myself. Normally I would only do the design work and let a programmer build the physical website. But to save the church the cost of a programmer I decided to undertake the work myself, so I took on a book about building your own website and started reading for about a week. Then when I felt ready to start the work I prayed for guidance and the Holy spirit guided me step by step to build this website that you are using right now. Glory be to God.
Now, let’s get back to the testimony. I do need a car to get to work every day, and without it I will be very difficult as I mentioned earlier. One day last week, on my way back from work, I noticed that my brakes squeaked every time I braked. But I decided to ignore it and drove straight to a meeting with the church leaders to present the website and discuss about the content and so on… After the meeting I offered to give to the pastor and a guest pastor a lift to their respective homes, driving an extra 25 miles with squeaking brakes. At times it was embarrassing because the noise was terrible, I mean very disturbing.
A couple of days later  after work, I took the car to the mechanic to get it checked and eventually get the brake pads changed. But , because it was late in the evening, the mechanic had already left his garage, but told me where to leave the car and the key for him to repair it in the morning, so I did. The next day when he started working on the vehicle. he could not believe what he saw. brokenpart1He called me and asked me how did the vehicle got to his garage. I told him that I drove it. He could not believe that the vehicle drove more than 50 miles on the motorway every day, doing more than 70 miles an hours at times without any serious accident. He told me that not only the brake discs where complete broken, but the shock absorbers on both sides of the front wheels where completely broken in two pieces and rotten,  which means they where broken more than a month earlier. and to make the matter worse the part that hold the shock absorbers and the front wheels together was just about to break, and if that has happened while driving at 70 miles a hours, it would have been a serious accident. He added that I was a lucky man.
Immediately when he said it, I remembered the series of teaching we’ve been receiving at church lately based on II Corinthians 13: 14 “ May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. ” This verse has been my confession every morning since we stared the series. I confess it before I leave my home to go to work. I would confess it for myself, my wife, my children, my enlarged family, and my church. I said to the mechanic: I’m not a lucky man. “The love of God protects me”. I’m very grateful to God for keeping me safe while I see many deadly accident on the motorway nearly every day. God ‘s love has protected me from harm.
Now that God has played his card by saving me from a serious accident that could have been fatal, I’m preparing myself to do something bigger and better for God then this website, and wait to see what God will do for me next. I cannot wait to get started. Glory to God…Alleluia
Testimony by Brother Bemany Tito



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