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Espérance de la Gloire International Church has embarked in a series of changes that will affect the Francophone community in Great Britain for many years to come. We believe that for many centuries the church was lost in it’s principal mission and vision. For centuries, the church has created a religion instead of showing the world the kingdom of God for what it is and showing the people of God how to get in that kingdom and live life in right standing with God here in this world and now.

We target the new generation of youth and children to teach them the true Gospel of Jesus Christ which is the good news of the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness.

We will achieve this through a series of small classes, Holiday camps, Drama, and many other activities to enhance the reality of the kingdom life here on earth and now.

Your supports and donations will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to be a part of what God is doing in Esperance de la gloire now, Please click the button below and freely give the amount lord Jesus Christ puts it in you your heart.

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